Wednesday, September 9, 2015

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Millions of buyers around the world agree that the Buy Me a Pie! shopping list app they spend less time shopping, save money and aggravation associated with forgetting grocery items.Having won the hearts of more than 3 million users, the application is finally available on AndroidFirst review:!.
  1. Has really killer UI and feature set & quot; PC Magazine
  2. There is a simple application which lets you simply create a list, but the Buy Me a Pie made specifically for the experience and it was good for the applications as well. & Quot;
  3. Buy Me a Pie is a new shopping list management application with features that are solid and clear design & quot;
Forget paper shopping list and overcomplicated application.Buy Me a Pie! just what you need:
  • Simplicity: Our applications are used by children and the elderly We continue to work hard to make every part of the application as simple to use as possible 
  • Intelligent grouping: Simply assign a color to the items belonging to the same group (such as a store aisle) and the application will then automatically group items in the list
  • Built-in self-learning dictionary: Entered items are automatically stored in the dictionary for future fast entry through word prompter
  • Word prompter: The app automatically suggests words as entering a few letters so you can quickly add items to the list
The advantage of the PRO version:
  • Fully compatible with iOS version and lets you create a shopping list and share with family, friends, and colleagues in the Android and iOS devices, as well as on the website 
  • Multiple shopping list.
  • List Sharing shopping via e-mail, SMS, and other applications, duplicate lists.
Download this free app to improve your shopping experience, saving time and money.
Application for Android

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